My Journey.

Yaknow, I could do with more than a holiday. I could do with more than a new fucking bike. These things could help me out, sure, but they’re just stuff and things and selfish treats.

My town has a large and very visible population of people who have nowhere safe to sleep at night. I hate to call them “homeless people” – they are first and foremost PEOPLE, who have fallen on bad times.

I want to help. Real help. Food. Blankets. Doing my first sandwich run tonight and i’m terrified but so excited. Everyone loves jam butties, right?! Wish me luck and you can donate at

Thankyou to everyone who supports me in this! <3

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Hypocrisy is reserved for the elite!

What’s this Brexit shit? Theresa who? Did she fuck a pig too? This is what happens when you choose to remove as much news and current events as possible. I get my news from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and my dear friend SDC who seems to cherry-pick the strangest stories to repost. (I appreciate it, truly!) It does indeed seem that the idiots have taken over, as NOFX forsaw a few years ago.  Those in charge of the UK have a fair bit of explaining to do, when I open my eyes and look at the chaos in detail. Etonian asshats and political prissies pretending to be doing their best for the common people, whilst stuffing bundles of twenty point notes down their pants and wondering if the lackeys will be able to carry all that bullion in one trip or if they’ll have to split it into several runs.


Having a link in my sidebar exclaiming “Stalk Me!” is perhaps a tad irresponsible. Sockpuppet accounts are easy to create and populate with content, in fact, my main account IS THE SOCK – at least until I get that pesky deed poll thing done! Tonight I had the pleasure of a female-presenting account who wanted to pry apart the reasons I now have what we think is PTSD from being isolated from friends and family, raped often and emotionally battered to the edge of suicide. We spent 35 minutes chatting, my angle being that I could NOT be arsed thinking about my ex, and her angle being how people can change, show remorse, would I ever speak to him again?


No, why the HELL would I?


I’ll compile the various horror stories one day. I have truly lived la vida loca, not just in Welshpool but hell, I’ve lived a lot of life in a relatively short amount of time. My main worry, however, is how to compress all of this into two hours or less for the movie adaptation…

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Independent Cam Girl – The Dream

It’s been the dream of mine to go independent for a while, and my poor little webcam has finally died through blatant constant abuse – obviously it’d be wicked to go full HD but we’ll see. If you wish to donate via paypal you are buying me some new tech (and groceries) and if you wish to donate bitcoins I’d LOVE that! Really excited by the possibilities of cryptocurrencies – last year I had 11p in this account and it’s now worth 57p at the current rate – imagine if i’d have been able to invest a few hundred quid?! The market will crash again soon no doubt but… wow!

coinbase wallet for bitcoin donations

coinbase wallet for bitcoin donations – copy/pastable version below!



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