Independent Cam Girl – The Dream

It’s been the dream of mine to go independent for a while, and my poor little webcam has finally died through blatant constant abuse – obviously it’d be wicked to go full HD but we’ll see. If you wish to donate via paypal you are buying me some new tech (and groceries) and if you wish to donate bitcoins I’d LOVE that! Really excited by the possibilities of cryptocurrencies – last year I had 11p in this account and it’s now worth 57p at the current rate – imagine if i’d have been able to invest a few hundred quid?! The market will crash again soon no doubt but… wow!

coinbase wallet for bitcoin donations

coinbase wallet for bitcoin donations – copy/pastable version below!



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Great News!

After a quick chat with the lovely Daz from, he has given me permission to use mixes on his website as background music for whilst I’m live on air. Expect lots of silly bouncing and giggling!

In addition, I hope to take DJ Colon’s Hydrotherapy sessions back to their original roots, when I’d listen to mixes on his Soundcloud to help me relax on a Sunday afternoon after overdoing it all weekend. Hydrotherapy is now the kick-off show at 6pm for Drum n Bass Wednesdays, usually followed by DJ Pixel at 8pm and Dj Method at 10. In fact, Mr Pixel has a brand new album out which I shall reveal the link to very soon!

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Miss A or Busy B? Who knows!

Yes, my friends (and minions), I am truly up to my eyes in opportunities at the moment! As well as photoshoots lining themselves up faster than I can buy new outfits, I am currently looking for a new place to call my palace, incorporating room for both my personal accommodation and a good workspace to carry on developing my artistic skills. Hopefully I will also be able to fit a nice studio area out so that we can have some nice face to face chats – maybe even a bit of room to dance! (fingers crossed!)

Also in the works (should all go to plan!) will be the full unveiling of my Azurite Industries concept, where my art will be available to purchase in a myriad of formats – I am currently considering various different projects including textiles, fashion accessories, my old obsession, of course, hair extensions, weaves, wigs, full on hair sculptures will still be available and custom projects welcomed with open arms. Of course, you will be able to also purchase my art as… well, art. To stick on the walls of course! :)

Of course it’s at times like these when my poor old s4 decides to fold in on itself – apologies to my fans on snapchat, I shall attempt to return as quickly as I can!

Amongst all this madness, I am attempting to get out and about to as many local socials as possible, plus I still would very much like to collaborate with other artists – local or otherwise – on some projects! So if you have an idea that you would like to work on with me, PLEASE get in touch and pitch me your plans, then let’s make it happen and make it available to the public… and maybe make a profit, or maybe even NOT! Some things are too important to have a value placed on them :) However, others simply demand to be spoiled and showered with cash.

Which category would you think Miss A belongs in? Careful now! 😉

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Work,and stuff

Starting to think seriously about the whole registering as self employed type thing again.

I wish I was just more motivated during the day though, rather than at 6am and just starting my second bottle of wine. Lessons have been learned though from fucking it up the first time – if i find myself working while drunk, WRITE EVERY DAMN THING DOWN JUST IN CASE IT’S IMPORTANT. Silly waffle can be removed leisurely and soberly later on. Second lesson seems to be make a minimal but steady loss until you’re ready to go at it full tilt whack your profit margin up to what dickheads on Dragons Den pretend they can make in year one. Since I didn’t invent reggae reggae sauce i’m thinking projections like that are more feasble from…ugh one would hope year 2 Q3? (aka the first real xmas. I’m not completely naive*, xmas fucking screws around with everything and everyone from multinational corporations to the fucking unemployed whilst shafting all the SME’s all the way through the poor freezing market traders right down to the genuine street beggars who get even less fuck all than usual because everyone’s in a fucking foul mood about bloody christmas.

Huh, that rant surprised me, I guess I remember SOME of the silly rules of business afterall… Fuck Dragon’s Den off, am I enough of a cunt to suit up for the Apprentice? Shit, I’ve even just thought of my heel-character twatty catchphrase – “only maggots go after the lowest-hanging fruit…” I’ve known a fair few slimy bastar…businesspeople, i mean, who would steal that phrase in a nanosecond and use it in meetings for weeks on end to bully the junior staff with… *horrific shudder*

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Oh Emma, sorry about that.

I have just spouted a huge rant at some poor lady whose 2011 blog i chanced upon from the google image search terms “rich welsh gay guys in suits”
Do a good deed… or hit read more if you really want to know. Please consider the fact that i have not seen sobriety since Tuesday, I suppose… Shits and giggles for me, a passive pain in the arse for the rest of the world. Sorry. (more…)

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